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(5 Positions)

We are looking for five research assistants to act as knowledge gatherers within the LIVE Operation. The Knowledge Gatherers will be recruited on a one-year contract to facilitate the development of a diverse range of knowledge-gathering activities related to aspects of the natural heritage of the Iveragh and Llŷn peninsula. These roles will be based on the Iveragh peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland, and the Llŷn Peninsula in Wales. While the exact topics to be explored will be defined by the local stakeholders, we hope to recruit individuals with experience and knowledge in the broad areas of geoheritage; marine ecology; coastal biodiversity; botany and eco-tourism. As well as gathering and producing knowledge, these roles will have a strong emphasis on using that knowledge to develop educational and tourism-focussed resources tailored to the needs of local businesses and communities. There may be the opportunity for the post-holders to enrol in an MSc/MRes programme and develop the work done in the LIVE Operation into a research project submitted for an MSc/MRes award. 


The positions will commence from May 2021 unless further restrictions related to Covid-19 necessitate a delay. These full-time posts are based in south Kerry and the Llŷn Peninsula, so some knowledge of the locality would be a strong benefit.

Download the full brief here
For more information and to apply for this position please visit the Recruitment section on the UCC website
Title: Research Assistant - 5 Positions, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Job ID: 045171
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